PE & Sports Premium

Physical Education

Our PE curriculum intends to engage all pupils in regular physical activity in order to build their confidence, resilience and knowledge on how to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy.

We implement our curriculum through: high quality sequenced PE lessons, investments in school sport and a relentless focus on increasing physical activity. A broad range of sports are offered through our PE Curriculum Map and throughout the school day to give children ample opportunities to become active and to inspire them to succeed in physically-demanding activities and competitive sports.   

The impact of our curriculum ensures that children have the knowledge, skills and understanding to become physically literate, enabling them to lead and maintain healthy, active lives.  Working with Arches School Sports Partnership, we are able to increase children's participation in competitive sports across Sheffield, enabling children to reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others whilst developing a life-long love of sport and fitness. 

Our curriculum for PE, detailing the skills and areas we focus on in each year group, can be accessed here: PE Curriculum

Sports Premium

The Government provides schools with additional funding to make sustainable improvements to the quality of PE, physical activity and school sport. To sustain the focus on improving PE and children's health and well-being,  Physical Education remains a school priority at Angram Bank for 2020-21.

Here is a break down of how we intend to use our Sports Premium and how we are implementing this at Angram Bank: PE Funding 2020-2021

Evidencing the Impact of Primary PE and Sports Premium 2019-2020 shows the how our curriculum intention was implemented and the ways it has positively impacted our children at Angram Bank. This also includes; the amount of premium we have received, a full breakdown of how it has been spent, the impact we have seen on pupils' PE, physical activity and sports participation and attainment and how these improvements will be sustainable in the future.

In July 2020 Angram Bank Primary School was awarded the Distinction level of the School Games commitment award for our commitment to PE, sport and physical activity. This follows a Gold award in 2019. Our school has enhanced provision as a direct result of the Government PE and Sport additional funding grant.  Further information can be obtained via the School Games Website.